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Most industries, specifically manufacturing, logistics, airports, retail (both offline and online), and DooH, are all experiencing a paradigm shift in recent times. Whether it’s the post COVID environment or whether the Y-generation swamping the shopping trends or whether its SAAS players changing the supply chain matrix or the government introducing new legislation around the environment – the competitive edge for all business owners like you is about knowing your customers better and taking a data-driven smart approach. Below we have tried listing down a few industries to help you see how people counting systems can make an impact in different industries –

  • People Counting In Retail – Retail stores are dynamic environments with ever-changing customer behaviour. People counting is vital for retailers to know the exact number of visitors per store, the conversion rate, and to optimize staffing depending on customer ratio.
  • People Counting In Libraries & Museums – Libraries and museums rely on government funding. To receive the necessary amount of grants, they need to be able to judge their footfall accurately. With people counting data, they will be able to know how many people visit the premises. Hence, they can receive their government grants accordingly.
  • People Counting In Airports – Airports are one of the busiest and most dynamic places in the world. Understanding the traffic & tracking crowds movement from security check to plane embarkment allows more efficient operations, perfect staff allocation and increase passengers time at Duty-Free.
  • People Counting In Supermarkets – A supermarket’s goal is to turn all visitors into frequent buyers. With people counting data, supermarkets will know how many visitors they get and how many they converted into buyers. People counting information also helps with staff allocation to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • People Counting In Shopping Malls – Shopping Malls draw lots of visitor traffic; not only because of shopping opportunities but also for entertainment value. With people counting, you will be able to see which areas are most crowded and attractive, thus, shape your marketing attractions and planning accordingly.
  • People Counting In Events and Exhibitions – Events and expos are substantial grounds to make lasting impressions and present their products and services. With people counting, sponsors and owners know the exact number of visitors, peak hours and staff allocation accordingly with the number of visitors.


With MintM you get the most accurate systems into crowd counting, crowd measurement and crowd profiling. MintM solution can help your company perform crowd measurements using picture videos and assist you in making data-driven smart decisions. It also provides data-driven systems into digital signage audience measurement which allows your company to measure the audience and their attention span to improve customer experience. This allows your organization to track your visitor’s overall audience experience. Customer counter, footfall counter, and retail analytics software solutions can also go a long way if you own multiple outlets. It allows you to get more than 96% accurate in-store visitor data with AI-powered Footfall Counting and retail analytics software further allowing you in making analytics-based operational changes. MintM specializes in human counter applications used for crowd counting, people counting and for visitor counting and moreover, all this is possible on existing cameras. This technological development also enables in calculating accurate conversion rates via unequal data sources. Insights garnered from conversion rates are the most critical data a retailer can acquire and use to improve store performance.

Firms must implement People Counting and Conversion to measure the store performance on an on-going basis to constantly classify areas for improvement. Also on the other end, it has become increasingly important for businesses to use automated inventory management solutions to not only stay competitive but also to make forecasting easy for supplies.  In today’s world, tracking and managing inventory is a crucial aspect for any retail business – offline or online. If you automate inventory, you are saving not only time but reducing the human intervention as well. Cost reduction and time-saving are major reasons why inventory management is crucial for businesses. From the point of view of the customer, efficient inventory management ensures better customer service with low shipping charges and fast delivery.  Automated inventory management solution using barcode scanning allows for controlling the costs, syncing stocks under multiple sales channels, improving the quality of delivery, measuring accurate inventory levels and saving time. With MintM you get the most accurate systems into inventory counting services and label reading. Business owners can scan barcodes with their smartphone in real-time and the software uses computer vision and AI to perform all the counting and reading services. So MintM can not only help you with their most advanced people counting system and digital counting software solution but also assist you with keeping a real-time track of all your inventory.


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