Crowd Counting, Crowd Measurement and Profiling using real time Analytics

Get the most accurate systems into crowd counting, profiling, and make smarter decisions.

Be it events or activation, it’s great to have people but how do you know it was as you expected it? How to do measure or improve? Now you can get this data in real time and make smarter decisions for better impact.

Benefits –

  • Helps in optimizing the design of events as closed/locked exit, parking and movement of vehicles.
  • Help in better management of the event such as staffing, services etc.
  • Crowd management monitors,  group of people to ensure their safety.

Several Malls, Events, transport teams experiences the difficulty in planning their layout, and vehicle allocation for maximum efficiency.

The seemingly simple act of crowd counting, now powered by AI, can help you plan physical movement in your locations better.


  • Demographic analytics
  • Works even without internet
  • Supports existing CCTV camera
  • Helps manage crowd
  • Search specific people
  • API support for cloud access

A leading event management company improved impact of events over time by 40%  by measuring crowd before after and during the event.

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