Inventory counting and label reading with or without barcode

Automate your inventory counting and label reading.

MintM inventory counting application identifies the product and tracks the in-out of inventory across multiple warehouses. It maintains the data in one place and helps to forecast the demand, gives the ability to control inventory regardless of location and volume.

Benefits –inventory counting and label reading

  • Reduce the human effort by 95 %.
  • Make the process error-free.
  • Save time, cost, and money.
  • Tracks the shelf life of the product by fetching the label information, such as manufacturing date and expiry date, product quantity, price, etc.
  • Effortless management.
  • Make cycle counting easier and more effective.
  • Easy to access data.


  • Object counting
  • label reading and understanding
  • Supports existing CCTV camera
  • bar-code scanning using cameras
  • Cloud based reporting
  • Works even without internet

inventory counting

A leading logistics firm reduced its warehouse inventory management effort and cost by over 90% by empowering its work force and cameras with MintM label reading technology

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