Real time category based dwell time analytics to boost your store sales and enhance marketing strategies.

Online retailers know which product, which page customers are spending time on. Then why shouldn’t brick and mortar get same data? This is critical to optimize store layout and improve customer experience leading to higher revenues over a period of time.

Make the most of in-store traffic data to increase conversion rates

Improved Store Performance

Understand footfall data to better optimize staff allocation,manage inventory and make instant operational changes

Increased Marketing Effectiveness

Boost ROI by monitoring and comparing the success of different campaigns across different categories and stores

Enhanced Customer Experience

Gain deeper insights to identify the frictions within the stores and rectify them to provide frictionless customer experience

Possibilities & Benefits

  • Holistic insights on in-store consumers
  • Easier comparison between categories
  • Helps re-evaluating the communication across store
  • Personalised customer experience based on insights
  • Better allocation of staffs across categories

A stationery retailer re-designed couple of its categories to improve sales, based on dwell-time insights

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