Create an unmatched customer experience with customized loyalty offers with AI driven technology

In traditional brick and mortar retail, loyalty doesn’t kick in until customer reaches billing counter and discloses his loyalty identification. Now with MintM Facial recognition technology, you can change that and start loyalty journey from entrance itself. Not just loyalty customers, you can also do threat detection if there are certain people you don’t want in your store.

Make the most of in-store traffic data to increase conversion rates

Improved Store Performance

Understand footfall data to better optimize staff allocation,manage inventory and make instant operational changes

Increased Marketing Effectiveness

Boost ROI by monitoring and comparing the success of different campaigns across different categories and stores

Enhanced Customer Experience

Gain deeper insights to identify the frictions within the stores and rectify them to provide frictionless customer experience

Possibilities & Benefits

  • Tailored offers for loyal customers
  • Easier segmentation of loyal customer within a group
  • Hassle-free experience for customers
  • Personalised experience throughout the customer visit
  • Holistic customer behavior analysis and insights

A luxury beauty and spa salon impressed their valued customer with personalised experience during their visits

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